Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Can writers be social entrepreneurs? Can social entrepreneurs be activists?

As I listened to Amy and Jennifer mention describe new age feminism as something one should strive to incorporate into their daily lives as opposed to a separate task and the idea that we women are too different to ever unite as a class, I thought about how it seems men have already mastered such association it’s as if they were bred to speak a separate language amongst men themselves. Given the open nature of the discussion, I thought to ask: Why is it that women are not similarly associated? Why do we find ourselves divided? Why have we not yet united to help one another on a societal level?

I feared my question was based on unproven assumptions and so decided not to ask, since there I was sitting in a boardroom with a group of conscious, active, and socially entrepreneurial women at a free event that was not only helpful to me in my professional pursuits but also inspirational and encouraging. I was part of a group of women that were united and helping each other, and it was beautiful.

As we are always reminded, no one gets anywhere alone. Here's a sample of wisdom that I gathered from both the speakers and the group:

  • A social entrepreneur is someone conscious about his or her environment and actively working to better it in some capacity.
  • When testing a new venture or idea create your own focus groups by interviewing five people to see what they think.
  • Look in your own backyard to do grassroots marketing.
  • Read Amy and Jen's book: Manifesta.

I look forward to learning more about the organization and its events.

Thanks NYWSE!

Samaia Hernández

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