Thursday, July 10, 2008

Take a Moment to Look Around You

Today, I write to you as I sip my coffee and get into the office before 8am to get down to work. As a woman entrepreneur, I am, like many of you, focused, ambitious and driven. Working constantly to do all the things necessary that need to get done, including try and have a bit of a social life beyond the office hours. As I came in this morning to a day of proposals, invoicing, an event with Antonio Banderas (that can't be all that bad! LOL) an interview and more, I sat and breathed, looked around the office at the work that we've done and felt proud. Sincerely proud. So, ladies...if you have a moment to stop what you're doing, breathe and enjoy your fortunes, the moments of anxiety and stress will be demolished by a shed of light, hope and peace. Have a great day Girlfriends!!! Oh, and my company is the first marketing firm in the dance industry,

My best,


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