Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Organizing for Success

Hi everyone!

My name is Jordana Jaffe, and I am the founder of live ORGANIZED, a professional organizing firm specializing in residential and home-based business services. Getting organized can be challenging for everyone at some point; but there's hope! Here are some simple tips that will ultimately save you time, money, and help you lead a calmer, more balanced life.

Please feel free to reply with feedback, questions, or a specific organizing topic that you would like me to address.

1. Clean out your wallet.

Wallets hold more than just money. Old receipts, expired credit cards and gift certificates clutter its pockets and often prevent you from finding the one credit card you actually do use. Money is such a source of angst for people, that clearing out your wallet is a great first step to breaking down those anxiety-ridden feelings.

2. Empty your sock drawer.

This one's simple: any sock that's missing its pair - throw it out. If you haven't found the other one yet, it's probably gone for good.

3. Survey the medicine cabinet.

Take five minutes and scan the shelves - toss what's expired and write a list of what needs to be replaced now.

4. Invest in an inbox.

Where do you put your mail when you walk in the front door? The kitchen counter or maybe just some surface in the front hallway? Instead, grab an empty shoebox and use it as a temporary (or permanent, if you like) container for your incoming mail. This way, you'll know exactly where to look when you're finally ready to sort through it all. Otherwise, the pile tends to mix with all the other clutter already lying around there.

5. Clear off your nightstand.

Your bedroom should be a haven, a peaceful place to relax and reconnect with yourself. Accordingly, the time before you go to sleep is time for you to decompress, let go of the day and reenergize for the next one. Having clutter right next to where you sleep prevents this from happening. Right now, take the unopened mail and scattered receipts, and move it all somewhere else. Honor the time before bed and decide to give it to you - and not your clutter.

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